Department of architecture

Department of preschool education was founded in BUT for the purpose of further development of preschool education sphere in Republic of Uzbekistan and restoration of longstanding lack of preschool education specialists

Department of architecture is a new department of the university that opens in September, 2019.

This department will be training specialists in contemporary architecture, architectural design and urbanism. Students will be able to develop their skills in planning, building construction and its maintenance.

There are 2 major specializations in the department: design and construction.

The education system is as follows:

3 years at BUT: Associate bachelor degree from BUT + Associate bachelor degree from BCU

1 year at BUT – bachelor degree from BUT

1 year at BCU – bachelor degree from Bucheon University

Main education objectives:

  • To train specialists with individuality and creative approach
  • To develop ability to adjust to rapidly changing architectural environment






- Carrying out researches, planning, projections, building information modeling (BIM), creating design drawings

- Learning ropes about architectural engineering, such as planning, structure, building etc.

- Learning culture of contemporary architecture and various architectural styles. 



- Learning aspects directly related to construction process: basic planning, management at different levels of construction process.

- Learning planning, structure, building processes

- Development of language and communication skills to help adjust to rapid process of globalization.

Academic program:

Group of subjects








Liberal arts

Social service (1)

Social service (1)

Communication skills

Interpersonal communication

English (1)

English (2)

Basic major classes

Basic architecture system

Housing theory

Contemporary architecture

Intro to profession and self-development

Architectural drawing  

Architectural modeling

Principles of architectural structure

Career guidance and self-development (1)

Career guidance and self-development (2)

Standards of professional qualification

Plan projection

Computer-aided architectural design (CAAD)

Project research and analysis

Project planning

Architectural project and ground plan


Construction rules

Building information modeling (BIM)

Construction work

Basics of construction management

Construction management

Construction work management and service

Implementation of construction work

Basics of construction budgeting

Construction budgeting

Major classes

Construction basics (housing)

Construction basics (educational institution)

Construction basics (industrial institutions)

Construction basics (cultural institutions)

Space planning

Projection and construction

Structural Mechanics (basics)

Computer-aided architectural design (CAAD) (2)

Building information modeling (BIM)


Construction work (hypothesis, specification)

Structural Mechanics (advanced)

Construction components (ferroconcrete)

Construction components (steel frame)

Concept interpretation

Sewage and sanitary system

Ventilation system

Eco friendly construction

Real project development

Real construction plan development


Practice (1)

Practice (2)

Graduation project

Potential employment:

  • Project design: project, interior, budget and installation development.
  • Construction: construction process and control on the ground.
  • Maintenance: maintaining of housing and office complexes.
  • Public institutions: in local/regional construction offices
  • Manufacturing of construction supplies: decorating and structural supplies.