Students affairs


Цой Виктория Сергеевна

Main responsibilities:

  • To organize work of the admission committee;
  • To provide consultation (online, offline, by phone) to applicants and their parents;
  • To participate and organize events aiming at introducing the university;
  • To organize and conduct entry exams;
  • To notify applicants about the main stages of the entrance examinations and their results;
  • To register the educational service contract and consult regarding its terms;
  • To admit applicants in the ranks of students;
  • To determine nominees for the state grant, as well as recipients of the internal scholarship "Best Applicant".

Contact them regarding:

  • Complete information about the university and the admission process;
  • Complete information about the "Best Applicant" scholarship and the state grant;
  • Entrance exams.

Contact information: 

Phone number: +998 (78) 150 40-02 +998 (95) 196 36-01

Extension number: 341, 342

Telegram: @bucheon_admission