Department of architecture

  • Specialty

    Architecture is art and engineering where all safety standards and regulations are taken into account in order to create a safe and comfortable environment for people and the environment.

  • Form of education

    • Full-time
    • Remote form
  • Period of study

    3 + 1

System 3 + 1 Diploma
3 years at Bucheon Iniversity in Tashkent 1 year at Bucheon University (Republic of Korea) Bachelor's degree from Bucheon University (Republic of Korea)
1 year at Bucheon University in Tashkent Bahcelor's degree from Bucheon Univertisty in Tashkent

The field of professional activity includes

  • Architectural planning
  • Facilities
  • Urban planning
  • Structure
  • Construction
  • Landscape design
* Осуществляющих: исследование, проектирование, производство и маркетинг - менеджмент изделий (и/или их составных частей), в основу функционирования которых положены принципы радиотехники, электроники и информатики.

Objects of professional activity

Designing the area and determining the function, form, and structure required for the construction of the building.

This is the process of erecting a building by the architectural plan and architectural project, as well as the overall work from the beginning of construction to its completion.

Designing a building in such a way that it can endure the weight of the building itself and its loads, as well as external forces such as earthquakes and wind pressure.

Establish minimum standards for building safety and evacuation convenience.

Uses art, engineering, and environmental knowledge and technologies to create a wonderful landscape and pleasant environment.

It is the establishment of comprehensive and tridimensional standards of urban space planning and management that connect urban planning with civil engineering, architecture, landscape design, etc. to rationalize land use, improve its functions and improve the quality of the urban environment.

It is related to all materials that are used inside and outside the building and can be divided into natural materials, artificial materials, and synthetic materials.

The specialist will master the following types of professional activity

  • Architecture

  • Constructor in architecture

  • Architectural planning

  • Architectural graphic design


Department of architecture offers to get a practice in the direction of:
  • Practice in architectural modeling
  • Practice in architectural construction
  • Practice in architectural drawing
  • Practice in architectural design
  • Practice in architectural activity on the construction site
  • Practice in architectural activity