Department of pre-school education (Full Time)

Department of Korean language and business administration

Department of preschool education in Bucheon University (BCU) was founded in 1982. BCU has experience in training specialists in preschool education. Graduates from this department have been earning the highest rate in Republic of Korea.

The department of preschool education was founded in BUT for the purpose of further development of preschool education sphere in Republic of Uzbekistan and restoration of longstanding lack of preschool education specialists. The department is one of the leading areas of education of the university.

The education process is based on giving solid theoretical base, as well as on developing practical skills to students. The university program is fully consistent with the education program of BCU, and with the legislation system of Republic of Uzbekistan.

Education system: 3+1

  • 3 y. At BUT: bachelor degree from BUT + associate bachelor degree from BCU;
  • Additional 1 year at BCU: bachelor degree of BCU.

Education objectives:

  1. To train specialists with developed practical skills;
  2. To train creative specialists with up-to-date knowledge;
  3. To train well-rounded specialists,
  4. To train teachers, eager for continuous development
  5. To train experts that are actively engaged in social life of the community.

Education program


Subject group







Liberal arts

Foreign language (1)

Foreign language (2)


Social service


Interpersonal relations


Academic subjects


Principles of pedagogics

Pedagogical psychology

Mentoring and consultation

Evaluation of results of education

Educated community

Education methods  and educational technologies


Educational philosophy and history of education




Principles of special education




Violence prevention and children understanding



Educational volunteering




Major classes



Изучение учебных материалов и методология

Theory of preschool education


Logic and speech in preschool education

Mandatory classes

Children as learners

Preschool education process

Teaching language to children

Nursing practice

Science for children

Childeren rights and welfare

Principles of preschool education

Children literature

Children observation and behavioral research

Art for toddlers

Development and evaluation of nursing programs for infants

Parents education

Музыкальные инструменты и аккомпонирование


Musical education

Mathematics for kids

Игра на национальных муз. инструментах

Capstone Design

Expression of art

Social education of toddlers

Nursing theory

Children health

Children security

Child birth

Infants gesticulation

Children games

Pedagogical methodology in preschool education


Infant development


Potential employment:

  • A kindergarten teacher at private or state kindergartens,
  • A teacher at infant schools
  • Preschool education sphere,
  • Work at organizations developing educational programs for kids,
  • Opportunity for enhanced education (4th year).