Department of Korean language and business administration

Main academic objectives in the department of Business administration Korean are to prepare specialists with strong theoretical knowledge and developed practical skills, and to help students develop high adaptability skills.

The academic curriculum is focused on deep analysis of the globalization process, computerization of our society, worldwide management practices, as well as relevant skills and their development. Another advantage of this department is the opportunity to learn two foreign languages: English and Korean. Apart from the academic aspect, within the department students are able to develop team working skills, creativity, sense of responsibility and integrity - skills that are essential to become a specialist.

Education system: 2+2

2) After 2 years in Tashkent students obtain Associate Bachelor Degree of Bucheon University (Rep. of Korea)

2.1) If a student finishes all 4 years in Tashkent, he/she obtains Bachelor degree of Bucheon University in Tashkent

2.2) If a student finishes 3rd and 4th year in Bucheon University in Rep. of Korea, he/she obtains Bachelor degree of Bucheon University (Rep. of Korea)