Toshkent shahridagi Puchon universiteti Ma'muriyatining talabalarga rasmiy murojaati

Hurmatli talabalar! Toshkent shahridagi Puchon universiteti barchamiz uchun murakkab kechayotg... Load more »

The first student enrollment for 2020 - 21 academic years

We would like to remind you that the first admission for the 2020-2021 academic year will close o... Load more »

Announcement regarding the start of distance learning

Dear BUT students! Due to the continuous spread of coronavirus in Uzbekistan, Bucheon University... Load more »

The first admission: changes.

Due the continuous spread of COVID-19 and state of self-isolation in Uzbekistan, the university a... Load more »

Extension of the quarantine

We would like to inform you that two-week quarantine, announced on March 16, has been extended un... Load more »

Quarantine Announcement

Due to the discovery of COVID-19 cases in Uzbekistan the university announces quarantine for a tw... Load more »