International Affairs


Ким Оксана Савельевна

Main responsibilities:

  • To organize overseas trips for university staff as a part of the exchange experience;
  • To prepare for the reception of foreign delegations;
  • To implement the exchange of faculty members between the university and foreign organizations on the basis of existing cooperation agreements;
  • To participate in organization of international meetings, seminars and conferences;
  • To assist students in document preparation to travel abroad and overall process control;
  • To provide information and consulting services;
  • To provide visa support to international university students;
  • To help and support international faculty members.

Contact them regarding:

  • Studying in Korea (language courses, undergraduate program);
  • Visa or other related issues (for international students);
  • Internship in Korea;
  • Questions about Korea.

Contact information:

Phone number: +998 (78) 150 40-02 +998 (99) 010 49-47

Extension number: 380