Information for freshmen

10/2/20, 5:49 PM

Dear BUT freshmen,
We would like to announce the beginning of a new academic year. The information you need to start the first semester is given below.

New academic year

Start of the semester: September 5, 2020
Study format: combined (online + distance) via Microsoft Teams. Professors individually define a preferable study format.

  • Login: candidate’s registration (for instance,;
  • Password: but2020*.

Schedule: the schedule will be available in the Calendar tab in MS Teams by September 4. * the schedule is subject to change.
Typically, the first academic week is introductory.

Freshmen orientation

The freshmen orientation will be held separately by departments. During the orientation you will be introduced to main academic information, the university rules as well as main faculty members. We strongly recommend you to participate.

Orientation format: online via Microsoft Teams
Orientation schedule:

  • For the department of Architecture: October 5, 14:00;
  • For the department of Korean business administration: October 5, 15:00;
  • For the department of Preschool education (full time): for Russian group - October 9, 12:00 / for national groups - October 9, 13:00;
  • For the department of Preschool education (evening): for Russian group - October 9, 14:00 / for national groups - October 9, 15:00.

Best regards,
Administration of Bucheon University in Tashkent.