Information on test exam

Dear applicants,

According to the decision of the university administration, the entrance exams details have been approved. Information on the first round of entrance exams is as follows. We strongly recommend reading the information thoroughly.


1. About test exam:

● Number of questions: 60 (on grammar, reading and vocabulary)

● Maximum score: 60

● Exam format: online. The program algorithm will randomly choose questions from the test bank and form an individual set of questions for each applicant.

● Test schedule:

  • Department of preschool education (full time) - August 27 (Thur),
  • Departments of architecture and preschool education (evening) - August 28 (Fri)
  • Department of korean business administration - August 29 (Sat)

● Subject:

  • English: for the department of “Preschool education” and “Architecture”
  • Korean: for the department of “Korean business administration”

● Approximate level of complexity: about IELTS 5.5 for the English test, about TOPIK 3 for the Korean test

● Test duration: 70 minutes

● Upon the completion of test exam, the system will show test results: number of right and wrong answers

** Applicants, who submitted language proficiency certificates within the admission period, are exempted from the test exam.

2. Format of test exam and its technical details

● Test exam will be held online via applicants’ personal accounts.

To get access to the personal account, please, go to and enter login/password. Individual login and password information is given at the bottom of the admission paper. (An example of the admission paper is given below). Starting from August 24 the personal account will contain test date and time.

We strongly recommend you to check the accessibility to the personal account in advance. In case of any challenges, please contact us at 951963601 before the test exam.

● To take the test one needs: stable internet connection, 1 cellphone (for video call), 1 cellphone or preferably computer to take the test, quiet space and passport.

● Applicants will be divided into groups with specific time to take the test. Each applicant will be notified about his/her test time individually via sms-message. Sms-notification will be sent to the cell phone numbers that an applicant inserted in the application form.

● University supervisors will observe test takers during the exam in order to prevent any wrongdoings. The observation will be performed via Microsoft Teams application. Operating instruction is available in Russian and Uzbek, and attached here. We strongly recommend you to familiarize yourself with the instructions, download the app in advance and check the accessibility to the personal account. In case of any challenges, please contact us at 951963601 before the test exam.

● If an applicant is late to the assigned test time, the system will automatically subtract the amount of time the applicant was late from standard 70 minutes. For instance, if the assigned test time is 10am and an applicant is late for 20 minutes, when the applicant will have only 50 minutes to complete the test.

● In case of technical problems during the text exam, resulting in the applicant's inability to continue and complete the test, the applicant must contact the university at 951963601 immediately after a problem occurred. After checking the system, a make-up exam will be scheduled. The make-up exam will take place once. At the make-up exam applicants will have to start over and a new set of questions will be provided.

3. Overview of test exam

  • 30 minutes before the assigned test time university supervisors start calling applicants and checking their IDs via Microsoft Teams app. The exam procedures and rules will be explained as well.
  • Test exam starts right on the assigned time. Applicants have 70 minutes to complete the test. Timer is shown on the display during the entire exam.
  • During test exam applicants can edit their answers
  • After 70 minutes all unanswered questions are marked as wrong
  • Upon completion of the test results are shown on the display: number of right and wrong answers. At this point the test exam is completed.
  • If an applicant completes the test early, he/she can use the “Raise hand” function on MS Teams to let a supervisor know. The supervisor makes a note and lets the applicant go.