Information on the registration of contracts

To attention of successful candidates of the first admission,
 We kindly remind you, that registration of the contract with the university will be held from the 7th to 17th of May. Candidates who do not show up within abovementioned period will be excluded from the list, and applicants from the waiting list will be called upon.

-         The guarantee fee (tuition prepayment) of 2 mln. sum is to be paid within 2 weeks from the day of contract signing.

-         The guarantee fee can be paid at the university by card, or by transferring from the bank.

      Students under 18 years old must come with either of his/her parents/guardians. 

There are 2 ways to register the contract:
1.     Offline: a successful candidate or his parents personally visit the university to sign the contract. He/she must bring the passport and registration paper. In case, if a parent or a guardian pays the tuition fee, the parent also must bring his/her passport and taxpayer identification number (TIN).
Registration will take place State University of Uzbek language and Literature named after A.Navoi (former Pedagogical University named after Nizomiy), room # 307.
Address: Tashkent, Yakkasaray district, Yusuf Khos Khojib str., 103a.
Landmark: Ministry of preschool education, hotel “Bek”, restaurant “Djumanji”.
Operating hours: Monday - Friday,10am – 5pm.
Registration period: 7th-17th of May / Monday – Friday / 10am – 5pm (lunch break 12pm - 1pm)
2.     Online: a successful candidate can send a copy of his registration paper via Telegram. In case, if a parent or a guardian pays the tuition fee, a candidate also must send a scanned copy of parent’s passport and his taxpayer identification number (TIN). If all abovementioned documents are sent, university staff members will fill in and register the contract. Then a scanned copy of the contract will be sent to the candidate. A candidate can pay a guarantee fee at any bank located nearby.
*** A candidate and either of his parents must sign the original contract and take one copy once he/she arrives in Tashkent.
Online registration service is aimed for candidates living outside of Tashkent.
Registration period: 7th-17th of May / Monday – Friday / 10am – 5pm

University Telegram number +99895 1963601 

Best regards, 
Administration of Bucheon University in Tashkent