Test results

Dear applicanta, 

We would like to announce the test results. 
In order to see your results, go to cabinet.dtm.uz , insert your pasport number and a code, displayed on the screen. 
All applicants, who took test, as well as applicants, submitted their language proficiency certificates, are allowed to take an interview. 
Interview date: 26th of April. Detailed schedule will be announced on Monday (April 22nd). The interview will be of pschycological nature, questions directly related to future studies will not be asked. 
- One must bring his/her pasport and registration paper. (those applicants who left their registration paper at the test venue, must ask university staff members before the interview starts). 
- There is no specified uniform, but applicant's appearance must be tidy (no beach wear is allowed).
- All tele- and radio communication devices are not allowed. 
- If needed, university staff members can give a certificate, that would prove the carrying out the interview (please, make sure to let university staff members know, if you need one). 

Best regards, 
Administration of Bucheon University in Tashkent